IP Workshop held at ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida

IIPRD in association with Khurana and Khurana, Advocates and IP attorneys has recently conducted an IP Workshop on 12th of March, 2016 at “ITS Engineering College”, Greater Noida. Hereinbelow are the snapshots of activities conducted at the workshop –

As a part of our ongoing Educational and Awareness Programme on IPR, IIPRD takes pride to have successfully conducted yet another Symposium on IPR – “Intellectual Property Leveraging and Management” at ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida. The objective was to sensitize the faculty members and attendees across all verticals towards growing need of effectively leveraging Intellectual Properties.

The presentation was given by Mr. Tarun Khurana, a Co-Founder and Partner in IIPRD – an Intellectual Property Consulting and Commercialization/Licensing Firm. Mr. Gyanveer Singh, Head of IT Practise Group, IIPRD shared the dais with him. The Workshop covered the broad areas of Intellectual Property Rights with special emphasis on Patents and related matters. Mr. Gyanveer Singh shared knowledge on basics of the Intellectual Property Rights, aspects of conducting prior-art searches and preparation of patent applications. Mr. Tarun Khurana shared knowhow on various facets of IP protection and enforcement strategies discussing several case laws and case studies.

This distinctive symposium platform contributed further in the area of IP knowledge dissemination with broad coverage on mandate of each IPR, their protection in India and worldwide, IP commercialization, valuation and infringement analysis.


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